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Reply of the Cossacks, 1000-pc Jigsaw Puzzle

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Reply of the Cossacks is by a renowned realist painter Ilya Repin from Russia in the 19th century. The painting depicts the Cossacks composing a reply to the Turkish Sultan in 1676. The latter had written a demanding letter to the Cossacks bidding them to submit to his authority, and the Cossacks replied with their own -- a parody of the Sultan’s letter. Repin captures the moment with color and mirth as the Cossacks gleefully suggest insults to include in the reply.

Puzzles are designed to display beautifully on a shelf while using minimal space. Exhibit assorted titles like books, showing off the colorful bindings.

  • 1000 Pieces
  • Finished Size: 27'' x 19''  
  • Includes A Collectable-Quality Print, Box Top Stand, And Resealable Bag 
  • Smooth-Textured "Velvet-Touch" Glare-Free Pieces  
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