A Long Spring

It’s been a long spring.

As things begin to open back up across the country, we’re looking forward to restocking many of our products and adding new titles to our store that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Our Journey Through a Pandemic

One of the hard parts about our recent ordeal is the damage it did to the board game industry. Most games are manufactured in China. Manufacture in the United States is difficult and would cause many of our games to be out of the price range of our clientele, though we’re always happy to support the manufacturers keeping their production onshore. As many factories in China were shut down, the supply chain dried up. With ports closed, often shipments were stuck at sea or not sent at all. New releases have been delayed by weeks or months and some even cancelled.

Some distributors remained either all or partially closed with minimal warehouse access. As state stay at home orders are lifted, we’re seeing warehouses reopen, though often low on product. It will be a long, slow road back to everything being fully operational in the board game industry. With time, however, we know that we’ll recover.

Restocks and New Product!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve placed an order for many popular Asmodee games today including Catan, Catan Jr., Ticket to Ride, and Pandemic. We expect those to arrive within the week. After this we can begin fulfilling backorders. Along with these Asmodee titles, we are also adding some exciting new items including preschool games from Haba and Untold: Adventure Awaits which is a new game utilizing Rory’s Story Cubes. Also, expect to see games like Sagrada and Sushi Go! In our shop soon.

(For those that are waiting on National Parks Scrabble, please be advised that the new release date from USA Opoly is now June. We hope to hear more from our distributors soon.)

Forthcoming Video Reviews

We’ll soon be launching our own video reviews for many of the games in our store. These reviews will not only cover the basics of our board games, but also explore how these games relate to various educational structures like Bloom’s Taxonomy, Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, and State and National Educational Standards for Subjects. We’ll also be talking about how to best utilize board games in your schooling activities, be they in classrooms, home schools, libraries or other educational institutions. We hope these reviews will be both instructional and insightful to our customers.

Until then, Keep Rolling!

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